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Flute renovation

Flute complete renovation in workshop, the most precise and demanding craftsmanship, quality components and paddings. 1 year warranty.

Price: € 200,00

Clarinete renovation

Clarinet complete renovation – mechanical adjustment, cleaning, new pads, cork, felt, wood cleaning and impregnation, etc.. by a specialist workshop, intensive, high-quality components and paddings, warranty

Price: € 200,00


Excellent voice, easy playing instrument, good quality! Trevor J.James (TJJ) quality head joint, offers easy blowing and nice colour of sound. E mechanism, silver plated , with case and cover. Recommended for beginners and advanced flutists who are looking for an affordable flute with good sound! For Students! Gift or discount if you order more!

Price: € 250,00

Vivace Trevor J. James

Plastic student instrument with wood imitation. Silver plated keyboard. Includes Case and accessories. Reliable instrument with good quality. One year warranty!

Price: € 250,00

Alto Saxophone-NEW! !

Good quality instrument for students , gold painted, top F # key, with case and accessories! 2 years warranty! Special price until January 31 or while stocks last!

Price: € 250,00

Alto and Soprano saxophone complete renovation

soprano and alto saxophone complete renovation, mechanical adjustment, repair minor dents, without varnish, specialized workshops, quality components and paddings with warranty.

Price: € 250,00

Tenor saxophone renovation

Tenor saxophone complete renovation, mechanical adjustment,repair minor dents, without varnish, specialist workshop, quality components and paddings with warranty.

Price: € 300,00

Buffet Crampon B 12 used, excellent condition!

B12 plastic instrument in excellent condition. Popular clarinet with very good quality, recommended for beginner and advanced users too!

Price: € 340,00

Buffet Crampon Paris B12 – used, looks like NEW

Buffet Crampon Paris B12, plastic instrument in excellent condition. Easy to sound, clear intonation. Good Sound quality, only an expert ear can distinguish that it is not a tree instrument. Original case and nozzle, half year warranty!

Price: € 350,00

New Tenor Saxophone for Students

Good quality student instrument, not only for beginners! Very good and easy  to voice, ideal for learning, very reasonable price! With case and accessories!

1 year warranty!

Price: € 380,00

Yamaha YFL 211S Flute (used) Made in Japan!

Very good condition, little used, manufactured in Japan, split E-mechanism, silver plated Yamaha flute. Features: High quality, reliability and stability of value, nice sound. The instrument is serviced, adjusted and checked in our workshop. Comes with original case.

Perfect playing condition!

Why would you buy a new one? You save 300 EUR and you get an excellent instrument!

No risk, 1 year warranty!

Price: € 390,00

Baritone saxophone renovation

Baritone saxophone complete renovation in workshop, mechanical adjustment, repair minor dents, without varnish, quality components and paddings with warranty.

Price: € 400,00

Alto saxophone AS 202

High F# key, adjustable thumb holder, brass body and keys, clear lacquer finish, includes mouthpiece and case.

Price: € 465,00

Music Competition for Young Artists

Music Competition for Young Artists In Serbia Subotica 27.02-01.03.2015. in the Music School Subotica. During the competition we offer servis for all wind instruments. Wee offer accessories for wind instruments.

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