3. Clarinets

Vivace Trevor J. James

Plastic student instrument with wood imitation. Silver plated keyboard. Includes Case and accessories. Reliable instrument with good quality. One year warranty!

Price: € 250,00

Buffet Crampon B 12 used, excellent condition!

B12 plastic instrument in excellent condition. Popular clarinet with very good quality, recommended for beginner and advanced users too!

Price: € 340,00

Buffet Crampon Paris B12 – used, looks like NEW

Buffet Crampon Paris B12, plastic instrument in excellent condition. Easy to sound, clear intonation. Good Sound quality, only an expert ear can distinguish that it is not a tree instrument. Original case and nozzle, half year warranty!

Price: € 350,00

Amati ACL- 321 S

Wooden instrument wooden funnel. 17/6 silver plated keyboard. The most affordable and popular student instrument, made of wood. 1 year warranty!

Price: € 529,00

Buffet Crampon B-12 – NEW

New instrument with 3-year warranty! Plastic body with wood imitation. Globally, the top sold and most popular student instrument! Nice and clear intonation and voice.

Price: € 530,00

Jupiter Clarinet 731 S

Cheap ebony clarinet. Good quality, silver-plated keyboard. With case and accessories. 1 year warranty!

Price: € 630,00

Jupiter Clarinet 931 S

Godd quality wooden Clarinet with good price! Silver plated keyboard, includes case and accessories. Recommended for music schools and advanced users. 1 year warranty!

Price: € 679,00

Buffet-Crampon E 11 – NEW

The most popular, high quality wooden clarinet for advanced users. 17/6 silver plated keyboard. Recommended for: everyone who wants an affordable high-quality wooden instrument!

Price: € 979,00

Buffet Crampon E13 wooden clarinet – NEW

Buffet Clarinet E13 Wooden Clarinet, high quality and sophisticated workmanship, recommended for advanced users! 17/6 silver plated keyboard.

Recommended for: advanced, amateur and professional musicians, professional school students.

Price: € 1290,00

Jupiter bass clarinet – NEW

Reliable plastic instrument, good quality, with case and accessories.

Price: € 1389,00

Leblanc Vito bass clarinet – NEW

Leblanc Vito bass clarinet, vergy good sound, plastic instrument with wooden imitation, includes case, nozzle and accessories.

Price: € 1669,00

Buffet Crampon RC

Buffet Crampon RC –  overhauled! As a new! Excellent quality instrument for advanced and professional users! Warranty!

Price: € 1900,00