Vivace Trevor J. James

Plastic student instrument with wood imitation. Silver plated keyboard. Includes Case and accessories. Reliable instrument with good quality. One year warranty!

Price: € 250,00

Buffet Crampon Paris B12 – used, looks like NEW

Buffet Crampon Paris B12, plastic instrument in excellent condition. Easy to sound, clear intonation. Good Sound quality, only an expert ear can distinguish that it is not a tree instrument. Original case and nozzle, half year warranty!

Price: € 350,00

New Tenor Saxophone for Students

Good quality student instrument, not only for beginners! Very good and easy  to voice, ideal for learning, very reasonable price! With case and accessories!

1 year warranty!

Price: € 380,00

Buffet Crampon B-12 – NEW

New instrument with 3-year warranty! Plastic body with wood imitation. Globally, the top sold and most popular student instrument! Nice and clear intonation and voice.

Price: € 530,00

Tenor saxophone Opera TS 101

Student model, very goog sound.  Messing body, Messing keyboard, top F# key, H/B converter, lacquered, mouthpiece, neck strap, nice case, 1 year warranty!

Price: € 560,00

Jupiter Clarinet 731 S

Cheap ebony clarinet. Good quality, silver-plated keyboard. With case and accessories. 1 year warranty!

Price: € 630,00

Jupiter Clarinet 931 S

Godd quality wooden Clarinet with good price! Silver plated keyboard, includes case and accessories. Recommended for music schools and advanced users. 1 year warranty!

Price: € 679,00

Jupiter JAS 769 GL NEW

Recommended for advanced or beginners, very good mechanism (Selmer ripoff). Good sound, reliable, high-quality musical instrument! 1 year warranty!

Price: € 899,00

Yamaha YAS 280 alto saxophone NEW

Yamaha student instruments not only for students! Gold paint, and accessories. Reliable quality, comfortable and good intonation mechanics, very popular! Case,  accessories, warranty!

Price: € 950,00

Yamaha YAS 62 – used

Yamaha YAS 62 (Made in Japan) alto saxophone, excellent condition, very beautiful engraving, gold paint, original case. Reliable, original Japanese Yamaha quality! Excellent tone, intonation, precision workmanship, very good mechanics! Warranty! Recommend for advanced and professional musicians!

Price: € 1399,00

Martin (USA) bariton saxophone renovated!

The best old baritone saxophone! Very good, inimitable sound, very easyto play with, real soloist instrument! Gold lacquer, beautiful engraving, fully renovated mechanics and padding. Original hard case, mouthpiece, accessories.

1 year warranty!

Price: € 1725,00

Jupiter 593 GL bariton saxophone NEW

Good quality, Deep A, gold plated, includes case. 2 years warranty!

Price: € 2275,00

Yanagisawa WO 1 NEW

The company’s most popular instrument with excellent intonation, reliable Japanese quality. Universal, excellent for jazz and classical music! Recommended for Advanced and professional musicians!

Price: € 2300,00

Sankyo 201 C foot e meh.(Etude) NEW

Sankyo Etude Flute, sterling silver head joint, open holes mechanics, E mechanism, C foot. Very nice sounding, professional instrument.

Price: € 2800,00

Selmer SA II prof. tenor NEW

Professional instrument, doesn’t include case and accessories. One of the best Tenor saxophones.

Price: € 3799,00

Yanagisawa 901 bariton saxophone

Professional instrument, Deep A key, with case.

2 years warranty!

Price: € 4650,00