1. Flutes


Excellent voice, easy playing instrument, good quality! Trevor J.James (TJJ) quality head joint, offers easy blowing and nice colour of sound. E mechanism, silver plated , with case and cover. Recommended for beginners and advanced flutists who are looking for an affordable flute with good sound! For Students! Gift or discount if you order more!

Price: € 250,00

Yamaha YFL 211S Flute (used) Made in Japan!

Very good condition, little used, manufactured in Japan, split E-mechanism, silver plated Yamaha flute. Features: High quality, reliability and stability of value, nice sound. The instrument is serviced, adjusted and checked in our workshop. Comes with original case.

Perfect playing condition!

Why would you buy a new one? You save 300 EUR and you get an excellent instrument!

No risk, 1 year warranty!

Price: € 390,00

Trevor J. James E Flute 3041 newest models!

The most popular and the best basic quality instrument for music schools, which is easy to blow and play, beautiful, bright sound, silver plated, E mechanism, with case and accessories. Recommended for: beginners and advanced flutists, music schools, orchestras. If you order more discount!

Old Price: € 490,00

Price: € 480,00

You save: € 10,00


Trevor J. James Privilege- NEW!

Advanced model, open or closed holes mechanics! Very good intermediate instrument with great sound, wide dynamic range. I recommend it for beginners and advanced users!

Old Price: € 550,00

Price: € 530,00

You save: € 20,00


Pearl 505 E Flute

  • Silver-plated, E mechanics, case and accessories! 
  • High quality, durable instruments for students as well! 
  • We recommend for music schools, orchestras, beginner and advanced flutists.

Price: € 590,00

Trevor J. James Privilege ESL NEW!

Silver mouthpiece, closed holes or open holes mechanics, good sound quality, wide range of tone colours, great dynamics. Excellent value for affordable price! Recommended for: beginners, advanced users, music school, for amateur musicians, orchestras etc …

If you order more discount!

Old Price: € 610,00

Price: € 580,00

You save: € 30,00


Yamaha YFL 211S Flute NEW

Yamaha YFL 211S flute, silver plated, E mechanism. Includes CASE, cover, and accessories. New Model! The Yamaha’s most sold flute. Reliable quality, durable instrument.

Price: € 635,00

Pearl 525 E

  • Sterling silver mouthpiece on the head joint, 
  • Advanced model, excellent sound, 
  • Open holes mechanics.

Old Price: € 650,00

Price: € 590,00

You save: € 60,00


Trevor J. James Cantabile NEW

Trevor J. James Cantabile. E-mechanism, case and accessories. Opend or Closed models also.

Old Price: € 1010,00

Price: € 990,00

You save: € 20,00


Pearl 665 E

  • Sterling silver mouthpiece on the head joint, 
  • advanced model, excellent sound, 
  • closed holes mechanics.

Price: € 1100,00

Sankyo 201 C foot e meh.(Etude) NEW

Sankyo Etude Flute, sterling silver head joint, open holes mechanics, E mechanism, C foot. Very nice sounding, professional instrument.

Price: € 2800,00

Sankyo 201 (Etude) NEW B-foot

Sankyo 201 (Etude) NEW B-foot

Price: € 2950,00

Muramatsu EX open hole e mech. B Foot

Ask for quotation Sankyo 201, 301, 401, etc.. Muramatsu EX, GX, DS, models, and Pearl, Azumi, etc, professional musical instruments.

From 2000.- EUR

Price: € 4200,00