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Jupiter Clarinet 731 S

Cheap ebony clarinet. Good quality, silver-plated keyboard. With case and accessories. 1 year warranty!

Price: € 630,00

Yamaha YFL 211S Flute NEW

Yamaha YFL 211S flute, silver plated, E mechanism. Includes CASE, cover, and accessories. New Model! The Yamaha’s most sold flute. Reliable quality, durable instrument.

Price: € 635,00

Pearl 525 E

  • Sterling silver mouthpiece on the head joint, 
  • Advanced model, excellent sound, 
  • Open holes mechanics.

Old Price: € 650,00

Price: € 590,00

You save: € 60,00


Yamaha YTS 23

Very nice condition, easy and nice sound. Original case.  Half year warranty!

Price: € 650,00

Jupiter Clarinet 931 S

Godd quality wooden Clarinet with good price! Silver plated keyboard, includes case and accessories. Recommended for music schools and advanced users. 1 year warranty!

Price: € 679,00

Trevor J. James Classic-NEW

Good quality student instrument! Gold lacquered, high F # key, beautiful timbre, intonation balanced, high-quality, Pisoni padded, with case, brand name accessories! Bari nozzle, BG clamp, neck strap. Recommended for beginners and advanced users!

Old Price: € 720,00

Price: € 690,00

You save: € 30,00


Yamaha YTS 25 (Made in Japan) -Spared, like NEW

Yamaha YTS 25 tenor saxophone, condition is spared, new padding, excellent good mechanic! Easy to play with, pure intonation. Original Hard Case!  Half year warranty!

Price: € 799,00

Jupiter JSS 547 NEW

Excellent middleware soprano, recommended for advanced, beginner and professional musicians. Good intonation and workmanship.

Price: € 895,00

Jupiter JAS 769 GL NEW

Recommended for advanced or beginners, very good mechanism (Selmer ripoff). Good sound, reliable, high-quality musical instrument! 1 year warranty!

Price: € 899,00

Yamaha YAS 32 Made in Japan prof. alto saxophone

High-quality voice! Functionally flawless condition, 1 year warranty lacquer to occur in less wear.

Characteristics: excellent workmanship, durability, stability of value and reliability. Intonation clean, comfortable and handy mechanically excellent sound quality, good padding!

Price: € 900,00

Music Competition for Young Artists

Music Competition for Young Artists In Serbia Subotica 27.02-01.03.2015. in the Music School Subotica. During the competition we offer servis for all wind instruments. Wee offer accessories for wind instruments.

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