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Flute renovation

Flute complete renovation in workshop, the most precise and demanding craftsmanship, quality components and paddings. 1 year warranty.

Price: € 200,00

Clarinete renovation

Clarinet complete renovation – mechanical adjustment, cleaning, new pads, cork, felt, wood cleaning and impregnation, etc.. by a specialist workshop, intensive, high-quality components and paddings, warranty

Price: € 200,00


Excellent voice, easy playing instrument, good quality! Trevor J.James (TJJ) quality head joint, offers easy blowing and nice colour of sound. E mechanism, silver plated , with case and cover. Recommended for beginners and advanced flutists who are looking for an affordable flute with good sound! For Students! Gift or discount if you order more!

Price: € 250,00

Vivace Trevor J. James

Plastic student instrument with wood imitation. Silver plated keyboard. Includes Case and accessories. Reliable instrument with good quality. One year warranty!

Price: € 250,00

Alto Saxophone-NEW! !

Good quality instrument for students , gold painted, top F # key, with case and accessories! 2 years warranty! Special price until January 31 or while stocks last!

Price: € 250,00

Alto and Soprano saxophone complete renovation

soprano and alto saxophone complete renovation, mechanical adjustment, repair minor dents, without varnish, specialized workshops, quality components and paddings with warranty.

Price: € 250,00

Tenor saxophone renovation

Tenor saxophone complete renovation, mechanical adjustment,repair minor dents, without varnish, specialist workshop, quality components and paddings with warranty.

Price: € 300,00

Buffet Crampon B 12 used, excellent condition!

B12 plastic instrument in excellent condition. Popular clarinet with very good quality, recommended for beginner and advanced users too!

Price: € 340,00

Buffet Crampon Paris B12 – used, looks like NEW

Buffet Crampon Paris B12, plastic instrument in excellent condition. Easy to sound, clear intonation. Good Sound quality, only an expert ear can distinguish that it is not a tree instrument. Original case and nozzle, half year warranty!

Price: € 350,00

New Tenor Saxophone for Students

Good quality student instrument, not only for beginners! Very good and easy  to voice, ideal for learning, very reasonable price! With case and accessories!

1 year warranty!

Price: € 380,00

Yamaha YFL 211S Flute (used) Made in Japan!

Very good condition, little used, manufactured in Japan, split E-mechanism, silver plated Yamaha flute. Features: High quality, reliability and stability of value, nice sound. The instrument is serviced, adjusted and checked in our workshop. Comes with original case.

Perfect playing condition!

Why would you buy a new one? You save 300 EUR and you get an excellent instrument!

No risk, 1 year warranty!

Price: € 390,00

Baritone saxophone renovation

Baritone saxophone complete renovation in workshop, mechanical adjustment, repair minor dents, without varnish, quality components and paddings with warranty.

Price: € 400,00

Alto saxophone AS 202

High F# key, adjustable thumb holder, brass body and keys, clear lacquer finish, includes mouthpiece and case.

Price: € 465,00

Trevor J. James E Flute 3041 newest models!

The most popular and the best basic quality instrument for music schools, which is easy to blow and play, beautiful, bright sound, silver plated, E mechanism, with case and accessories. Recommended for: beginners and advanced flutists, music schools, orchestras. If you order more discount!

Old Price: € 490,00

Price: € 480,00

You save: € 10,00


Opera alt saxophone

Very good quality instrument not only for beginners!

Old Price: € 500,00

Price: € 450,00

You save: € 50,00


Opera alt saxophone

Very good, quality instrument not only for beginners!

Old Price: € 500,00

Price: € 450,00

You save: € 50,00


Opera sopran saxophone NEW!

Very goog quality music instrument,, not only for beginners.

Old Price: € 500,00

Price: € 470,00

You save: € 30,00


Amati ACL- 321 S

Wooden instrument wooden funnel. 17/6 silver plated keyboard. The most affordable and popular student instrument, made of wood. 1 year warranty!

Price: € 529,00

Buffet Crampon B-12 – NEW

New instrument with 3-year warranty! Plastic body with wood imitation. Globally, the top sold and most popular student instrument! Nice and clear intonation and voice.

Price: € 530,00

Trevor J. James Privilege- NEW!

Advanced model, open or closed holes mechanics! Very good intermediate instrument with great sound, wide dynamic range. I recommend it for beginners and advanced users!

Old Price: € 550,00

Price: € 530,00

You save: € 20,00


Tenor saxophone Opera TS 101

Student model, very goog sound.  Messing body, Messing keyboard, top F# key, H/B converter, lacquered, mouthpiece, neck strap, nice case, 1 year warranty!

Price: € 560,00

Pearl 505 E Flute

  • Silver-plated, E mechanics, case and accessories! 
  • High quality, durable instruments for students as well! 
  • We recommend for music schools, orchestras, beginner and advanced flutists.

Price: € 590,00

Yas 23 alto saxophone

Yamaha Yas 23 Alto Saxophone (Made in Japan) state spared. Features: Excellent sound, is easy to clean the intonation. Japanese precision craftsmanship, very handy mechanics. The cushion cover is great, hangszerészműhelyben configured and tested, half year warranty! Original hard case without nozzle. I recommend everyone who has a reliable quality of the instrument is looking for! Viewed and can be tested after consultation.

Price: € 600,00

Trevor J. James Privilege ESL NEW!

Silver mouthpiece, closed holes or open holes mechanics, good sound quality, wide range of tone colours, great dynamics. Excellent value for affordable price! Recommended for: beginners, advanced users, music school, for amateur musicians, orchestras etc …

If you order more discount!

Old Price: € 610,00

Price: € 580,00

You save: € 30,00


Jupiter Clarinet 731 S

Cheap ebony clarinet. Good quality, silver-plated keyboard. With case and accessories. 1 year warranty!

Price: € 630,00

Yamaha YFL 211S Flute NEW

Yamaha YFL 211S flute, silver plated, E mechanism. Includes CASE, cover, and accessories. New Model! The Yamaha’s most sold flute. Reliable quality, durable instrument.

Price: € 635,00

Pearl 525 E

  • Sterling silver mouthpiece on the head joint, 
  • Advanced model, excellent sound, 
  • Open holes mechanics.

Old Price: € 650,00

Price: € 590,00

You save: € 60,00


Yamaha YTS 23

Very nice condition, easy and nice sound. Original case.  Half year warranty!

Price: € 650,00

Jupiter Clarinet 931 S

Godd quality wooden Clarinet with good price! Silver plated keyboard, includes case and accessories. Recommended for music schools and advanced users. 1 year warranty!

Price: € 679,00

Trevor J. James Classic-NEW

Good quality student instrument! Gold lacquered, high F # key, beautiful timbre, intonation balanced, high-quality, Pisoni padded, with case, brand name accessories! Bari nozzle, BG clamp, neck strap. Recommended for beginners and advanced users!

Old Price: € 720,00

Price: € 690,00

You save: € 30,00


Yamaha YTS 25 (Made in Japan) -Spared, like NEW

Yamaha YTS 25 tenor saxophone, condition is spared, new padding, excellent good mechanic! Easy to play with, pure intonation. Original Hard Case!  Half year warranty!

Price: € 799,00

Jupiter JSS 547 NEW

Excellent middleware soprano, recommended for advanced, beginner and professional musicians. Good intonation and workmanship.

Price: € 895,00

Jupiter JAS 769 GL NEW

Recommended for advanced or beginners, very good mechanism (Selmer ripoff). Good sound, reliable, high-quality musical instrument! 1 year warranty!

Price: € 899,00

Yamaha YAS 32 Made in Japan prof. alto saxophone

High-quality voice! Functionally flawless condition, 1 year warranty lacquer to occur in less wear.

Characteristics: excellent workmanship, durability, stability of value and reliability. Intonation clean, comfortable and handy mechanically excellent sound quality, good padding!

Price: € 900,00

Yamaha YAS 280 alto saxophone NEW

Yamaha student instruments not only for students! Gold paint, and accessories. Reliable quality, comfortable and good intonation mechanics, very popular! Case,  accessories, warranty!

Price: € 950,00

Yamaha YAS 32 like NEW

Like new Yamaha pro alto for sale! An excellent choice for anyone learning a musical instrument for the price of a professional instrument to take home. like new, very spared! High precision mechanics, pure intonation! Very easy and very good . Original Case nozzles and accessories! Half-year warranty!

Price: € 966,00

Buffet-Crampon E 11 – NEW

The most popular, high quality wooden clarinet for advanced users. 17/6 silver plated keyboard. Recommended for: everyone who wants an affordable high-quality wooden instrument!

Price: € 979,00

Selmer Paris Limited Edition!

Selmer Paris Limited Edition tenor sax. Body without lacquer. Lacquered keys. Very good sound, new paddings!

Price: € 999,00

Trevor J. James Cantabile NEW

Trevor J. James Cantabile. E-mechanism, case and accessories. Opend or Closed models also.

Old Price: € 1010,00

Price: € 990,00

You save: € 20,00


Pearl 665 E

  • Sterling silver mouthpiece on the head joint, 
  • advanced model, excellent sound, 
  • closed holes mechanics.

Price: € 1100,00

Yamah YTS 32 used, good condition

YTS 32 Tenor saxophone, good quality and condition, valuable.

Price: € 1100,00

Yanagisawa T5 tenor saxophone, silver painted, unique!

spared condition, fantastic sound! High-profile tube, durable , (Made in Japan) high-quality, indestructible! Half year warranty!

Price: € 1240,00

Buffet Crampon E13 wooden clarinet – NEW

Buffet Clarinet E13 Wooden Clarinet, high quality and sophisticated workmanship, recommended for advanced users! 17/6 silver plated keyboard.

Recommended for: advanced, amateur and professional musicians, professional school students.

Price: € 1290,00

Jupiter bass clarinet – NEW

Reliable plastic instrument, good quality, with case and accessories.

Price: € 1389,00

Yamaha YAS 62 – used

Yamaha YAS 62 (Made in Japan) alto saxophone, excellent condition, very beautiful engraving, gold paint, original case. Reliable, original Japanese Yamaha quality! Excellent tone, intonation, precision workmanship, very good mechanics! Warranty! Recommend for advanced and professional musicians!

Price: € 1399,00

Yamaha YTS 62 used, excellent condition

Yamaha Professional Tenor Saxophone gold lacquer with excellent aesthetic and mechanical condition, warranty! Excellent quality, sound and intonation. Original hard case

Price: € 1595,00

Leblanc Vito bass clarinet – NEW

Leblanc Vito bass clarinet, vergy good sound, plastic instrument with wooden imitation, includes case, nozzle and accessories.

Price: € 1669,00

Martin (USA) bariton saxophone renovated!

The best old baritone saxophone! Very good, inimitable sound, very easyto play with, real soloist instrument! Gold lacquer, beautiful engraving, fully renovated mechanics and padding. Original hard case, mouthpiece, accessories.

1 year warranty!

Price: € 1725,00

Buffet Crampon RC

Buffet Crampon RC –  overhauled! As a new! Excellent quality instrument for advanced and professional users! Warranty!

Price: € 1900,00

Selmer SA II Soprano saxophone, like NEW

Nagyon szép újszerű állapotú csúcs profi szoprán egybe pipás!

Érdeklődni: +36 30 6354285

Price: € 1995,00

Selmer Mark VII Alto saxophone

Slightly used, looks like new!

Price: € 2000,00

Selmer SA II 80 Soprano saxophone

Slightly used, looks like new!

Price: € 2000,00

Jupiter 593 GL bariton saxophone NEW

Good quality, Deep A, gold plated, includes case. 2 years warranty!

Price: € 2275,00

Yanagisawa WO 1 NEW

The company’s most popular instrument with excellent intonation, reliable Japanese quality. Universal, excellent for jazz and classical music! Recommended for Advanced and professional musicians!

Price: € 2300,00

Yamaha YTS 62 NEW

Excellent quality professional instrument. Gold painted, engraved.

Price: € 2499,00

Yanagisawa S 901 NEW

Yanagisawa Soprano Saxophone S 901 model, professional musical instrument, gold lacquered, with case, mouthpiece. Excellent, clean intonation!

Price: € 2598,00

Sankyo 201 C foot e meh.(Etude) NEW

Sankyo Etude Flute, sterling silver head joint, open holes mechanics, E mechanism, C foot. Very nice sounding, professional instrument.

Price: € 2800,00

Sankyo 201 (Etude) NEW B-foot

Sankyo 201 (Etude) NEW B-foot

Price: € 2950,00

Selmer SA Serie II NEW

Selmer Super Action Serie II alto saxophoe. Professional instrument for professional musicians!

3 years warranty!

Price: € 3172,00

Selmer SA II prof. tenor NEW

Professional instrument, doesn’t include case and accessories. One of the best Tenor saxophones.

Price: € 3799,00

Muramatsu EX open hole e mech. B Foot

Ask for quotation Sankyo 201, 301, 401, etc.. Muramatsu EX, GX, DS, models, and Pearl, Azumi, etc, professional musical instruments.

From 2000.- EUR

Price: € 4200,00

Yanagisawa 901 bariton saxophone

Professional instrument, Deep A key, with case.

2 years warranty!

Price: € 4650,00

Music Competition for Young Artists

Music Competition for Young Artists In Serbia Subotica 27.02-01.03.2015. in the Music School Subotica. During the competition we offer servis for all wind instruments. Wee offer accessories for wind instruments.

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